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Big Data Analytics

Our digital technology innovations can help you tackle mission challenges effectively, identifying ways to reduce capital expenditures, optimize operations, process large datasets, and improve reliability and safety.

Using predictive analytics, machine learning and cognitive computing, we can help you use your data as an asset for your projects, operations and maintenance, so you can achieve your business objectives.

“We can help you use your data as an asset for your projects, operations and maintenance.”

KBR cognitive computing unlocks the potential in all your data, making it work together to mitigate project risks, enhance productivity, improve efficiency and support decision-making. We provide real-time information for CAPEX, man-hours, schedule, reliability and safety. With predictive analytics, we can help you make probabilistic predictions about your operations, maintenance and project performance by bringing together statistical analysis, predictive modeling, data mining, text analytics, entity analytics, optimization and real-time scoring. And when predictive analytics works together with machine learning, it becomes a powerful tool that not only predicts, but also becomes a dynamic model that learns from the experience and adjusts to itself so we can predict the next best action to take.

Big Data Analytics Opportunities

The people of KBR change the world every day, providing the intelligence to solve any challenge. If you’re up to the task, we want you on our team.

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