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Detail Design Engineering

KBR follows up on front-end engineering with comprehensive detail design engineering to optimize efficiency throughout the project.

KBR’s three-stage design execution approach is structured to focus on a logical sequence of events and normal sequence of information. This approach enables us to facilitate fast track execution, while controlling change, managing out-of-phase activities and executing in multiple offices. While helping to maintain consistency throughout the project’s lifecycle, KBR’s staged execution approach supports innovation and enables us to deliver consistently excellent projects customized to our clients’ needs.

KBR’s staged execution facilitates the delivery of customized project execution strategies; promotes just-in-time information; supports efficient staffing; encourages timely input from customers, fabricators, constructors and other project stakeholders; highlights critical decision milestones; promotes project alignment; and supports risk response planning.

“KBR’s staged execution approach supports innovation and enables us to deliver consistently excellent projects customized to our clients’ needs.”

Staged execution promotes developing the right information and decisions at the right time. KBR has made a major investment to establish the consistent methodology, tools and discipline necessary to realize the many benefits associated with global engineering. The KBR Way approach to engineering provides KBR with a uniform global foundation for engineering, consistent execution and predictable deliverables.

KBR’s approach is centered on three key success factors for our clients: a uniform global foundation, consistent execution, and predictable deliverables (quantity, quality and schedule).

Based on KBR’s staged execution approach, the KBR Way provides each engineering discipline an online, time-related, graphic roadmap and rapid access to key procedures, approved examples, typical inputs and outputs, and training materials. The KBR Way is based on ensuring consistency across execution methodology, standard procedures, tools and systems, quality assurance and design integrity. The KBR Way harnesses our vast engineering resources and intellectual capital around the world to deliver projects that meet our customers’ success factors from concept through ongoing operations.

Multi-center Execution

The challenges we face today with larger and more complex projects have made multi-center project execution KBR’s standard model. Multi-center execution has been central to KBR’s project execution approach for more than two decades, and it is now a common practice that is rooted in our tools, processes, procedures and work methods. Using KBR’s standard global procedures, execution tools and systems, we can deploy multiple engineering offices to provide access to the technical expertise and skill sets of the global KBR organization to deliver consistency, predictability and execution excellence.

Detail Design Engineering Opportunities

The people of KBR change the world every day, providing the intelligence to solve any challenge. If you’re up to the task, we want you on our team.

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